Silent Whale Watching

Silent Whale Watching

1 Nov 2020 - 7 Feb 2021

08:00-16:00 Every day


Join us as we travel out to see the majestic orca and humpback whales feeding in the herring-rich fjords around Tromsø. Take in the breathtaking views of frozen landscapes in comfortable, panoramic lounges and multi-level decks hybrid-electric engine ship that minimise  disturbance to their environment.

Please note that the duration of this trip depends on the whales’ migration pattern and can therefore range from 6-8 hours. 

*Exact season and duration of trip depends on the whale migration patterns. 

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Fjord and Wildlife Cruise

Fjord and Wildlife Cruise

27 Sep - 31 Oct 2020 and

01 Feb - 14 April 2021


Fjords and straights around Tromsø

Cruise with hybrid-electric ship and amplify your experience with unspoiled nature and wildlife. From fish below to birds above. Step ashore in a local fishing village and learn about the traditions and lifeline of many Norwegian coastal towns.


Warm, indoor lounges with panoramic windows will provide fantastic views of the epic coastal scenery of Arctic Norway. 

With our underwater drone we will explore the hidden world underneath the surface of the ocean.

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Aurora Dinner Cruise - Jonas Legernes

Aurora Dinner Cruise 

15 Oct 2019 - 15 Apr 2020

 7 Oct 2020 - 15 Apr 2021


Around the Tromsø island

Take in the atmospheric Arctic night in all its majesty, onboard a silent electric catamaran with 360 degree uninhibited panoramas, both outside and in.


In warmth and comfort, we cruise around Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains, landmarks like the Arctic cathedral and through icy waters as we search for the northern lights. 


Enjoy the unique atmosphere dining with traditional three-course fresh and local ingredients, with an added modern twist.


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