Silent Trollfjord Cruise 

Experience the majestic Trollfjord in complete silence aboard a modern electric ship. Discover new perspectives and explore this epic fjord’s mysterious depths with underwater drone.

Departing from Svolvær harbour in the morning, the Trollfjord is only about an hour cruising away. 

This narrow fjord surrounded by wild, vertiginous drops, is one of the absolute highlights for any traveller along the Norwegian coast.

Onboard there’s a selection of beverages and local foods for purchase.

Prices From: 790 NOK

Skrova, Lofoten

Skrova Island

One of the most scenic islands in Lofoten, with its white sandy beaches, Skrova Island is a perfect combination of history and culture in harmony with nature.


This tour takes you along a sea eagle safari by rib boat and experience the islands food, culture and fishing history by foot with a local guide.

Prices From: 1,190 NOK


Dinner Cruise - Henningsvær

Enjoy an evening cruises that takes you from Svolvær to the fishing village and art centre of Henningsvær in complete silence aboard a modern electric ship.

On arrival in Henningsvær we make a stop so you can visit one of the galleries or explore the picturesque fishing village on your own.

As you board for the return cruise to Svolvær we’ll serve our Arctic Tapas dinner, with a modern approach to local and traditional foods. With the sun-nearing the horizon, the light Arctic night will colour the backdrop of craggy peaks, white sandy beaches, islands and skerries. 

Prices From: 990 NOK

Lofoten Highlights

Lofoten Highlights 

When in Lofoten you do not want to miss out on the most scenic spots, a taste of culture and history by minivan, bus and on foot. 

This sightseeing trip offers you the best introduction to the Lofoten islands put together by a local guide team, who know the best photo stops, the fun and exciting stories, and the most fascinating beaches.


Examples of routes and lengths on offer but not limited to and can be customised.  


4 hours: Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Gimsøy and hidden gems

6 hours: Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Gimsøy, Haukland, Unstad and hidden gems

8 hours: We cover all the known scenic spots like Reine, Å, Nusfjord, Ramberg, Haukland and more of the hidden gems. 

Prices From:  990 NOK

Midnight Experience

Midnight Experience 

Join us for a trip to watch the unique light and tranquility of a sunset without the sun setting.


On the north side of Lofoten, with a clear view towards the horizon you will find the perfect spots to watch the midnight sun, relax and enjoy the scenic view. Below the mountain and just above the sea, you can follow the suns journey towards the horizon and see it turn back towards the sky before reaching the ocean.


This tour will take you to one of the hidden gems perfect for midnight mountain hiking or just a pleasant walk along the shoreline in Lofoten, while enjoying an evening wild camp meal over the fire.

Prices From:  1,190 NOK

Traditional Lofoten Foodie Cruise

Traditional Foodie Cruise 

Stories and tales from Lofoten is best told on board a 100 year old wooden boat, a scenery where you can experience the fishermen's daily life at sea.


Enjoy this  2 hour cruising with sampling stockfish - a local delicacy, cod roe caviar, fish soup or bacalao.

Prices From: 990 NOK